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Sewa Institute For Biblical Studies (SIBS)

Sewa Institute For Biblical Studies (SIBS)

We fully believe that the Gospel is best spread and established in unreached areas when done by a native from that land and area. It is also strategic and healthy for any movement to be ultimately led by natives. So, SEWA focuses to train missionaries with proven character and leadership potential to become leaders, to lead their people and church planting movements.

At SIBS Native missionaries are better equipped to communicate the gospel in culturally appropriate ways and in the local languages. The Native missionaries not have to climb over many social barriers that are faced by people from other parts of the globe; they also are able to live at the level of the people they serve. It’s truly amazing as the Gospel becomes relevant to those who have never heard, as it is being preached from one of their own.
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Harvest is plentiful, laborers are few. There are plenty of Identified villages where the gospel has not reached yet. SEWA has shortlisted some villages where missionary work is very urgent. SIBS engages its students in the practical mission, to prepare them for the mission work. The successful candidates are provided opportunity to engage in mission work with the SEWA.


  • Train men and women called by God to help bring nation to God

  • Give excellent Academic and spiritual environment.

  • Prepare Men and Women for Rural Mission & to face rural challenges

  • Teach students to think clearly about the whole counsel of God and to effectively plant, Pastor, and lead churched in all parts of India.

  • Help take to gospel message to remote villages in a meaningful manner.

  • Send to improve the quality of life in the designated community; thus, fostering social & Spiritual

  • Empowerment among people from underprivileged & deprived rural areas.