LOGOS ANGELS ACADEMY is an education wing of SEWA. It is started with a vision to give quality education at a affordable price to the underprivileged and privileged children’s in North India.

The Educational Development Index (EDI) for most of the North Indian states is low as compared to the other parts of the country. A low EDI has a direct correlation with low-skilled employment. Manifestation of the low index is also evident in the low enrolment and high dropout profiles of students in northern states.

The Northern region also lags the western and southern regions of the country significantly in education and skill development. With an overall literacy rate of 60 per cent as against 69 per cent and 71 per cent in the South and the West, it is clear that the education and skill infrastructure in the Northern region needs to address certain critical issues – both on the supply side and the demand side.

Government expenditure on education, too, is declining in North Indian states as compared to southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The study notes that over the five-year period 2001-06, Punjab has spent less of its GDP (2.40 per cent in FY 05) on education compared to the India average (3.8 per cent in 05). (Source)

LOGOS ANGELS ACADEMY is creating a generation that will be highly skilled by maintaining a high quality of education. We want to stress on the overall development of the child.